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Hexdataedit 1.21

No Image file. You can use it as data debug. Usually some program save data use hex file. This can save Bytes, integer, float, and other data in it. But outside of program, it is difficult to view or edit. HexDataEdit is tools to view and edit the hex data file. Use this program when open file the program create a new file named the file`s name +".type". The "type" files contain the file`s information you defined. In the ".type" file data can divided to any

Febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 3.0: Freeware and easy to use Hex Editor - edit file using HEX / ASCII codes
Febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 3.0

file; - Integrated into windows property pages; - Keyboard shortcut for all Hex editor functions. Optimized for easiness of use and functionality, Febooti Hex editor can be used both as stand alone utility and as module of Febooti fileTweak - award-winning set of utilities that provides useful possibilities in managing your files (e.g. change file date in batch mode, change file and folders attribute and many more). When used as a module of fileTweak


Hex Comparison 1.948: Hex Comparison is a binary file comparison and hex editor.
Hex Comparison 1.948

A binary file comparison and hex editor. It helps you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor.Allow quickly compare two files and find every different. Show different with customizing color. Allow save comparison result to file. Go to any offset of file quickly. Create new binary file. Find synchronous position by double click.Scroll every different. Modify binary file or text file easily.Find binary or ASCII string easily.

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DiffVue 4.7.512: DiffVue is a diff tool, aka diff utility software for Windows.
DiffVue 4.7.512

file extensions of the resource file-format recognized are RC/RC2/RESX/MC/MTX/INI/IPS. - DiffFTP compares the users` local files and folders against ones in their FTP server by the file contents, and then transfers files like all commercial FTP software. - HexCompare displays the contents of any two files side-by-side both in hex and ASCII strings. HexCompare is also a hex editor, so that all standard editing operations, such as, insert, overtype

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Hex Editor Pro 1.00.0025: Professional hexadecimal editor that edits files in 3 modes: hex, bin, and text.
Hex Editor Pro 1.00.0025

HEX Editor Pro – is a hexadecimal editor, an editor used to edit such files, which you cannot normally edit with regular text editors. Thus, it can be used for software debugging, cheating in games, editing files, containing non-text symbols, etc. It can edit any small (up to 500K) file in three different modes: hexadecimal (HEX), binary (BIN), and text. In binary mode, it is possible to edit separate bits. It has many different features such as

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FlexHEX 2.6: Advanced hex editor. Can edit files, logical, and physical drives.
FlexHEX 2.6

FlexHEX is an advanced hex editor for inspecting and editing binary files, logical disks, and physical drives. With FlexHEX you can inspect, modify, insert, search, or replace binary, ASCII, or UNICODE data. The numerous features make hex editing easy and straightforward: undo list browser, quick data viewer, file maps, modification tracker, typed data fields, string and GUID search, checksum computations, file comparator, and more.

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Hex Editor II 2.1.0: Professional hex editor that can edit files in 4 modes: hex, bin, dec, and text.
Hex Editor II 2.1.0

Hex Editor II is a hexadecimal editor that helps an average PC user edit large files, containing non-textual data, safely and easily. Unlike other hexadecimal editors, Hex Editor II has two inbuilt plugins: hex calculator, and base converter, as well as the ability to edit files in any of the four modes: text, hexadecimal, decimal, and binary.

hex to bin converter, window, hexadecimal, bin to hex converter, hex bin editor, editor, editing, hex workshop, edit hex files, best hex editor, diplodock, bin to hex, hex editor ii

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